Window Color & Accent Options

High-Performance Exterior Laminate Technology

Laminate technology has been around since the 1970s. However, its current “high-performance” status owes itself to rigorous testing and refining – the process that created the modern, durable, beautiful product we offer today.

Our color collection boasts a 3-layer composition – a fusion of a 2-layer PVDF and PMMA solution with a single, acrylic base layer – making for lasting attractiveness and durability in any weather condition.

To ensure that durability, the primer on the rear of the laminate meshes with a unique polyurethane adhesive property that bonds permanently to the window substrate, a bond inseparable through severe temperatures.

Colors & Finishes

Once you’ve selected your beautiful, durable windows windows from Window World, it’s time to make them truly your own. Our extensive color collection boasts our signature, high-performance exterior laminate technology, and is offered in a variety of colors with a variety of qualities to ensure your windows the unique, distinct flare you desire. Our color collection includes:

  • Natural and luxury colors
  • Matte textures
  • UV-protection for color protection
  • Weather, cracking, scratching and chalking resistant
  • Resists salt damage in coastal climates
  • 10-year fade-resistance warranty for exterior laminates

A Friend of the Environment

Green Product

Due to our color collection’s durability and enduring color properties, our windows never need repainting, restaining or other repairs that require release of toxic particles into the atmosphere. With Window World of Fort Wayne, every color in our collection is green.

Customize your windows today

Impressed with our extensive color collection? Make the affordable, creative, green decision and contact us today to breathe new life into your windows.

*All exterior laminate colors shown have a white interior; American Terra also is available in a beige interior.
*All interior woodgrains have a white or beige exterior – except White Woodgrain, which is available in a beige exterior only.