Benefits of New Windows

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At Window World of Fort Wayne, we understand that choosing the perfect vinyl replacement window can a challenging task, since many vinyl windows appear the same. This is why we offer free in-home estimates where our experienced Window World representatives can explain to you the specific benefits your home may see with beautiful new replacement windows from Window World of Fort Wayne.

The most important aspect of any custom vinyl window is the material from which it is manufactured. The quality of the raw vinyl material itself is extremely important, as recycled or reused vinyl is often less durable, less reliable and less energy efficient. Depending on the replacement window company, vinyl windows are typically manufactured in one of two ways:

When it comes to manufacturing the frames of high quality replacement windows, raw virgin vinyl in its purest form will always be the most desirable product. Pure vinyl is a petroleum-based material that is designed to never fade, peel, chip, crack, corrode or warp. Available in a wide variety of frame colors and shapes, our vinyl windows from Window World of Fort Wayne are manufactured to provide you with years of simple operation and maintenance and increased energy-efficiency. Fortunately for residents and homeowners in the Fort Wayne area, Window World is one of very few window manufactures across the nation whom produce a 100% pure vinyl replacement window.

Why Buy Windows New Windows

We’ve heard the story time and time again, you purchased your new Fort Wayne area home because you fell in love with the location, the spacious kitchen, the wonderful backyard, and the two bedrooms upstairs that were perfect for the kids. And being taken in by all of this, you didn’t pay attention at all to the windows in the kitchen, bedroom, or dining room.

Now that you have lived in your home for a while, you are starting to notice the small imperfections, like the drafty windows in the den, or the fact that the window frames really don’t match the rest of the home. Now it is time to purchase new replacement windows to spruce up your Fort Wayne home, and to help reduce those Indiana-sized energy bills in the summer!

Save Up to 30% on Monthly Energy Bills

Studies have shown that homes with older, single pane glass windows may lose up to 30% of heating/cooling efforts as a direct result of the lack of insulation present in single pane glass and window frames. Purchasing new, energy efficient windows can save you up to 24% off your utility bills each month. Based on the average 4 person family’s energy bills, energy efficient replacement windows will typically pay for themselves within 3-5 years after installation!

How Do I Know If My Home Needs New Windows?

Learn more about what to consider when looking at new vinyl replacement windows for your Fort Wayne home! And don’t forget to schedule your free in-home window demonstration and cost estimate! During your estimate, an experienced and knowledgeable Window World Representative will explain in greater detail all the many benefits of replacing your home’s windows. Contact us and schedule your free estimate today!

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