About Window World of Fort Wayne

Our motto is the same today as it was in the beginning… Provide Superior Product, installed by a professional craftsman, guarantee low prices.


Founded in 1995, Window World started as a small roadside stand in Wilmington, NC and while it didn’t look like much, founder Leon Whitworth had big plans for this company. He wasn’t going to be like everyone else in the home-improvement industry—his approach was different and straightforward. Rather than servicing homeowners with a slick salesman who provides faulty prices and bogus discounts or cheap prices with underperforming products, Leon knew he wanted to provide customers with something they can rely on.

The Window World way would be simple, providing superior products installed by professionals with guaranteed low prices.

Window World partnered with the best window manufacturers in the world. They use state of the art equipment and only the best materials available.


That small roadside stand has now grown into almost 230 Window World offices in 46 states, and is still growing. We are now one of the largest home-improvement companies in America. Each location is locally owned and operated. This assures each customer that his or her project gets the individual attention it deserves. Our owners and their personnel receive in-depth training on a monthly basis to keep them on the leading edge of the industry. At Window World we know the job yesterday will land us the job down the street tomorrow. We do our best on every job, every day.